SubD - How to get this result? deformed rounded cube



Hi everybody.

Related to my another topic (I marked the first reply as the solution because it is, that’s why I open a new one):

Aaron showed me how he would do what I was looking for with this two posts:

According to me, I’ve been trying hard, I spent several hours trying it in different ways, but I don’t get it.
This is an example of how I try and what I get (but I tried different ways).

I know I’m asking maybe too much, but can someone explain me step by step how it was done what Aaron did? or recommend a tutorial or document that explains things like that?

I understand giving me so many details is asking too much, so don’t worry if you cannot or you don’t feel like wasting your time with this kind of newbie questions.

Thank you in advance.

Drawing a cartoon house 2 - Do I need to intersect faces?

You need to get your head around what the various tools can do.
Here is a quick gif showing how I would start out making your little house.
Then with a bit more manipulation…


I cannot stand this program :frowning:

I’m trying as Aaron did, but my result is not the same.

He made this way:


I just watched your video, Firstly Why did you explode the group before doing the creasing? Open the group to edit.
Secondly, you didn’t give the sides any shape, so all it did was slightly soften the edges.


@Box and @TheOnlyAaron, thank you both so much for helping me, this is a big step to me.

Thank God, it worked :slight_smile:

@Box, sorry to bother you again, I know I ask to much but I really appreciate if you have some time to show me how you did the human body shape on this post:

It looks really awesome, I think it would be enough if you show how you did 1 leg, 1 arm, neck and head.

Thanks in advance.


Here is the proxy for you to look at. I just scaled sections, moved vertices and added bits as needed. Being sure to keep everything four sided (as in Quads). I used Quad Face Tools to select the appropriate loops and rings and used Vertex Tools to move and scale them.
This is what I meant earlier about understanding how to use the various tools. Try moving parts of him around and see what happens. You can always undo.
SUbD Littleman.skp (46.4 KB)


Thank you, I’ll try it.

I’m watching it.

What difference do rings and loops make?
Did you started with a cube like we did in this post?
Was it necessary to use push/pull tool for you?


Have you bought SUbD and Vertex Tools?


I installed them. They looked free on extension warehouse.

Difference between rings and loops is clear now, because I didn’t know QuadeFace tools.


They aren’t free, you are in the trial period.
You have to decide if they are worth buying for your work.
There is a great deal of information and tutorial on Thomthoms website.
There is no point me walking you through how to do something if you end up not using the tools once you need to pay for them.
Do some homework at Evil Empire.


Thank you.

I didn’t know they weren’t free.

I’m a pretty disappointed about that, yeah, I know what everybody had paid is thinking: “Nobody do anything for free”, but in fact, there are people and companies that do and they even make a living from that.

If I were sure they were the only extensions I need I could considere to buy them, they both cost 60$, I can afford it. But it’s still a “big” amount of money for the use I do, just entertainement.

So far I only paid 60$ for a .pdf book.

What I’m completely sure is I’m not going to pay 695$ for the SU PRO version. I’m still learning, it’s just a hobby, I only use it to spend my time, I sell nothing, I print nothing. 695$ is almost my month salary.

If I have to pay 695$ with the previous conditions then I will leave my SketchUP learning, I maybe try to move to blender or … forget about everything related to 3D design.

Thank you for the evilempire recommendation, I will take a look.


Could you show me one please, I would like to copy them.


Adobe reader.
Google Search.
Google Drive
Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Slackware)
Blender (3D design)
Inkscape (vectorial design)
Gimp (similar to photoshop)
PPSSPP (PSP emulator)
Dolphin (Gamecube and Wii emulator)

They’re different kind of models.

But I insist, you know now my situation, my job has nothing to do with design or 3D design, do you really think 695$ isn’t an exagerate prize according to my situation? I repeat, I sell nothing, I print nothing, just spend some of my time. If it’s not with sketchup I will do with another program.


I’m not getting into this, it’s just silly.

Look at the hundreds of Plugins that are free, look at the amount of free help you have received…
I have to stop now or I will step outside the forum guidelines.

Have I at any point said you need to buy pro. I simply asked if you were going to Buy SUbD and Vertex tools.



I can go on … do you want?


Ok, now you are on my ignore list.


Thank you.


LOL as the kids would say.


It’s easy to break forum rules, specially for those ones that have no arguments to defend their point.

The hardest thing is keep calm and make others understand your point.

Am I going to pay for those plugins? maybe, when I figure out if I’m going to need some more nonfree-plugins (as you can see there also a bunch of them that are free). My cash isn’t unlimited.


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