How to draw a cartoon human body?


Hi everybody.

I’d like to know how much hard is to draw something like this on SketchUP.

I made a first and “fast” try a couple of days ago using curviloft extension, I got something like this.

I know, I know, they look identical (irony).

So I would really all kind of comments, recommendations, and so.

Thank you so much guys.

SubD - How to get this result? deformed rounded cube

If you are really after the marshmallow effect, I would start by creating the skeleton from spheres, a lot of spheres. Half the sphere needs to be resized for the feet and hands, but not so much that the transitions are no longer smooth.

Then you would need to manually add the geometry to blend each sphere together. It would be a lot of work!

For example, here is how I would create an arm…


You might also rough it out in quads and use the subd extension to smooth it.


Thank you so much guys, I will take a look at that :wink:
I will let you know my doubts and results


I use the SU native tools - usually starting with an exploded circle or half circle and moving the perimeter as needed. Push/Pull and adjust the perimeter with Move. Below, the Scale tool is used to adjust many of the P/P’d faces too which helps change plane orientation.

More tips on using the native tools as shown above at Tweaking Tool Tips.


@catamountain, thank you.

Looks pretty hard to me.
Do you know any good video or tutorial with examples?

Even something that shows me how to do something like this:

The following one is in Spanish, sorry:

And this another one seems to omit how to make the head shape:

IMPORTANT: This doesn’t mean the previous answers didn’t help, they did.


Any tutorial or something like that?


After three days this is my best result, but it doesn’t look like the model I try to replicate :frowning:

myfile.skp (435.8 KB)

I insist, if someone knows about some tutorial to model cartoon, exercises in general or something like that I will really appreciate you let me know.

Thank you.


If you want to make things like that, I would suggest you get to know Vertex Tools and SUbD.
This is about 10 minutes work.


wow @Box, that was cool.
I used SubD too but I probably didn’t configure it well, and I didn’t try vertex tools yet but I Will.
I will try when I get home, now I’m my work Break.
How did you do the first division? with a surface and drawing some lines? I mean this


Basically started with a cube and added some loops and rings (can be done with the pencil tool), then moved the vertices, keeping everything as quads.

He does look suspiciously like this guy.


I would like to share something like a tutorial about the process to make this. But I’m still a newbie, what I can tell you so far, it’s that @Box helped me a lot.

He taught me some of the things QuadFace Tools can make (very useful extension).

I started with this using QuadFace Tools.

Then I used Push/Pull Tool

Again QuadFace Tools

And with the help of the Vertex Tools I change the position.

Inspecting his file I also used Crease Tool from SubD extension for the shoulders and the joint between the inner of the legs and the lower body. And then I applied Subdivision with this result.

This is the file of the final result:

goodtry.skp (102.8 KB)

Thank you all for helping me so much.


Good job. The biggest problem I have is finding the time to try out new extensions. Practice makes perfect. And I also work in the toy industry to the majority of work I do is on a very small scale compared to architecture or furniture etc.


@jonnieclayton, thank you for sharing your point.

QuadFace Tools is an awesome extension, you maybe want to try it if you didn’t it before.

In fact, after I got disappointed when I realized SubD and Vertex Tools weren’t free at all (just a 30 days trial) I decided to give it a shot to blender.

Blender seems to have a tons of good things good and I think it’s probably better for modelling (newbie opinion) but after configuring the interface and doing my first steps on Blender, I missed SketchUP.

I think SketchUP so much easier and intuitive for easy things, I had trouble with Blender trying to point focus the camera in the right correction, it wasn’t as much easier as it is in SU. You barely can appreciate how your model looks if you don’t render, and render takes so much time even for a simple image like this one.

This was my first and only render so far with Blender, it took me about 5 minutes to get the rendered image.

I didn’t use a render in Sketchup so far, but simple models can look good even without the render.

I decided to go ahead with SU and probably buy SubD and Vertex Tools when my trial period expires, I’m disappointed they’re not free not because I think the developer doesn’t deserve a retribution, I’m disappointed because if they’re so neccesary, because they save lot of time, it should be included on SketchUP as build-in tool.

So … I think I’m going to keep using SU and I will try to learn a little bit more about Blender from time to time, time will tell.


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