The Human Form?

Anyone any pointers toward modelling human anatomy (basic head) in SketchUp ?
I’m aware that there are dedicated progs like Autodesk and Poser but I wondered how far I would get with SU ?

It should be do-able. But I think you’ll have the best results with SubD or Sandbox Tools, or even a lofting plugin. You’ll need one of those to handle the complex curves in the skull and bones.

I think I recall seeing one of the Sketchup team’s Live Modelling sessions about using SubD for just such a purpose, or one very like it.

Let me see if i can find it…

Sorry, I can’t.

But I did find a reference to one going back to 2017 by TheOnlyAaron. Try the Sketchup Facebook site and see if you can find it there.

I did find one about using SubD, but it was for contoured cars, not humans.

A second more targeted search on this forum found this:

Yes that’s just the image coming up, the comms has expired

With Artisan

With SUbD

Use search on Youtube for tutorials.

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Thank you for these. I thought someone somewhere would have had a go at this knowing what can be done in SU. I’ve know about Blender, ZBrush etc but they are to much to get learning at 70. But these are enough for what I have in mind. Regarding the SUbD, a profile photo can be inserted on the vertical nose line and the facial features pulled out from the wire frame for an accurate profile instead of guessing? I take it the more time you take with the wire frame i.e. smaller polygons, the better the finish/detail? regarding Artisan, is a plugin right ?
I’ve a traditional knowledge of sculpture (as from my UN) But need to take short cuts using this topography.

For all your three questions the answer is yes.