Human Face Modeling

Do you know a tutorial on modeling human faces with SketchUp?

The master of the low-polygon human genre, @AlanF, once posted a brief tutorial about his methods but it must have been some forum reincarnations ago. If I remember right, he starts with a spherical or similar form and then moves the vertices around…


I usually start with either a circle or half circle, exploded, then Push/Pull the face and manipulate the new surface vertices with the Move tool. Repeatly P/Ping and Moving in increments before adding additional geometry with Sandbox’s Add Detail tool and further tweaking with Move, Scale, Smoove… Review Tweaking Tool Tips for working with the native tools. All figurative models found throughout the SketchUp Sage site where done this way.

But more useful than how-to instructions for SU modeling (as all forum participants at the time I started with SU claimed SU was not an ‘organic’ modeler) was the time spent earning a BFA and later spending several years as a professional sculptor in the display industry (working with a ‘gun’ to your head to produce whatever was needed in a multitude of materials.) From the perspective of someone with my background, SU figurative modeling feels like working with clay.

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Thank you for useful information. What should be done to make a 3d model of a portrait photo?

If you are OK with purchasing a few top-notch extensions, you can try something like this:

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Hello. Adding another penny into the topic: Artisan Organic Toolset.

Import your 2D image(s) into the SU workspace as visual reference while modeling. I can derive enough info from the perspective and any shading in a photo to visualize what a 3D form looks like and make it. Quite often I’ve only had a single pencil sketch as a reference. Experience with life drawing also helps. Practice too.

Hello, which plugins have you used

Mostly Vertex tools… then Subd to smooth.

Thank you.