Creating organic forms

What would be the best method to create something similar to the attached image.
Would it be Sandbox or Curviloft or something else?

…the commercial Artisan Organic Toolset (Homepage).

Or a NURBS modeler if you need full control over surfaces (curvature continuity G2/G3) and to export exact 3D data describing the faces/solids by splines in the neutral 3D CAD formats STEP, SAT or IGES.

I’d tackle it with Vertex tools and SUbD.
Here’s a rough version, 10 min including the render time.


I’m with @Box. Vertex Tools and SubD would make short work of that shape.

Wow, that’s impressive! I’m only an intermediate user and was just wondering if you just start with a flat shape first?

Thanks Aaron, I’m looking into it…

There are many ways to go about this, you could make a very structured shape with curves and arcs and follow me and then SUbD it or freeform it using vertex tools from a single face and adding as you go or start with a flat block and shape it.
Here are the quick basics of manipulating a flat block into an organic shape.


Brilliant, thanks so much for your help, now I can move forward and start playing…

How can I get the toolboxes to show on the screen? Currently I have to keep selecting Tools then QuadFace within there. Also how are you orbiting without deselecting everything?
I am slowly getting the hang of it, it’s great fun.

Use the tool bars. Go View/Toolbars and select the ones you want. Or right click on a toolbar and you’ll get a dropdown list of toolbars to select from.

I’m using a 3d mouse to orbit, But if you hold down the scroll wheel you can orbit and retain the selection and tool. So you can start drawing an edge and orbit around to the back to finish drawing that same edge.

Thanks again,all good now!