How to generate this organic shape?


Hey all, I’m working on a simple-ish spaceship and am stumped on how to generate this organic shape that resembles a canopy. I’ll let the picture do the talking.

I tried using Intersect but that generated a shape I didn’t want. I also tried using Curviloft but the plugin froze when I tried to generate the shape. I would like to know how I can get the shape I want and if I need any specific plugins (preferably free ones) that can aid me in my task.

I also included the .skp file.

help_with_organic_shape.skp (51.4 KB)

Hope I explained everything clearly.
Thanks in advance!!


I’ve tried with Curviloft without any problems… (57.6 KB)


You don’t need any plugins. Intersect the three-sided form with a spheroid shape, scaling the spheroid as need to match your desire contour.


What the heck organ is that? No matter, here’s another no-plugin solution.



Many thanks for all the suggestions! You guys are awesome.


Hmm, I fiddled around with Curviloft and it still didn’t work. What were the steps you did to get it to work?


Check it out. A picture is worth a thousand words so a gif is…

nearly worthless?

Note: last step is simply reversing faces.



@multihawk11, I ‘liked’ Gully’s post for I get the impression that you prefer going for a plugin before even knowing the basics of SketchUpś native tools. Give it a shot.

Curviloft is incredible but it’s not something to start with, especially with the simple organic shape that you are after.


I was able to generate the shape I want thanks to Gully’s method. I just wanted to see how to do it with Curviloft for future reference.