Can you advice how to create this kind of organic form

I mean if you had to recreate this form, what would be your workflow? what plugins you might use? i want to replicate this form as part of series for practise where i look at an image and recreate the form to understand skp better

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What version of SketchUp are you using? That will inform the options for modeling whatever it is.

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wow i cant believe i messed up asking a question. sorry

this is the reference image I’m trying to make.
Im on sketchup 2023

I’d start with a large box and add edges to define the facets. With the radii on the corners I’d probably use Curviloft to generate the facets.

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by facets do you mean the profile shapes we give for curviloft to work?

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here. that way it’ll take you a minute.


Yes. Outline the edges between the facets. Like these.
Screenshot - 3_28_2024 , 11_31_55 AM

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ah so its loft by spline i need to use? will try asap

i was struggling with follow me and this was all i could do

I got results using curviloft skin contour and then using subd to refine some of the curves

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wow can i have a look at it pls?
i should probably go watch some more tutorials on curviloft maybe to understand how to do it. :smiley:

Yes. That would be a good idea.

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Could you please help me a little more?

i used these lines. could u tell me which ones i should use for the curviloft skin contour.