Struggling to get a set of faces over this organic styled structural frame

Hi guys,
I’ve been trying to get a load of faces over this organic styled structural frame to create a canopy of sorts with the end goal being to have a group of diamond-like groups spanning the distance of each of the frame components - however, I can’t for the life of me work out how to do a set of faces yet alone have it wrapped in that group I’ve tried a variety of things with the following plugins flowify, shape bender cloth works, and soap bubble but can’t get anywhere with it.

I’ve attached the file to see if anyone has any ideas - its a bit rough as its a conceptual model so sorry in advance

You could try working with one of a few plugins.

Fredo6 has Curviloft, on the SketchUcation plugin store.

Or try Soapskin Bubble - I think fom Extension Warehouse

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John is right, Curviloft will do it for you, but you have some work to do first to get there. You need to clean up the structure to get rid of stray edges and faces so that you can weld the edges into a clean profile. Once cleaned up you can run curviloft.
Curviloft Structure


@Box @john_mcclenahan

Thank you both very much. I managed to get it to work using curviloft!

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Glad to hear it. Can you show us the result - at least in an image if not your model?

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Needs some cleaning up as I had to do it in separate chunks to match the geometry as best as possible without bricking my pc but overall happy with the outcome.

The only thing I’m struggling with now is trying to get the desired geometry to bend around it as flowify doesn’t seem to recognize the structure as a group

Hi Box,
do you have any suggestions to the above problem?

I have little experience with Flowify.
First thought would be have you explode all the separate groups down into one group?

Yeah I have, Im thinking its not working because its based off of more than four corners and flowify seems to only work with faces that were created from a single rectangle

So im wondering if theres an extension that can use the hidden geometry that curviloft made to expand on it and then use it to create the pyramid pattern over the shape?

@Cotty is pretty good with Flowify and may have a tip or two.

I’m not understanding fully what you are trying to accomplish but Fredo’s Joint Pushpull may be what you are after, it will extrude and taper the faces of the underlying mesh.


thank you for that, I’ll have a play around with that

Im basically trying to recreate the pattern you displayed but over the face of the structure you made so its a bit similar to this

I modified all those profiles to have the same number of segments (I reduced the number of segments) and then I created the surface (only for part of the whole model for example). I used Flowify and the resulting model looks like this.


That is exactly what I want to do,
How did you modify the profiles, was it by hand?
I tried to repeat what you did using the same model and had quite a few interfering lines how did you get around that?

Sorry for all the questions im completely out of my depth

With JHS Powerbar

Ive tried to repeat what you did but on the rest of the model and I just keep getting flowify error messages, Ive done it in this order
SuperWeld,Equalise,Curviloft, Flowify
Am I missing something?

You probably need to divide the surface into zones and apply Flowify to each one.


Ive managed to get it to work ish - it either does it and shows a load of extra lines (shown below) or crashes the program entirely

Then do the same for the other parts.

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I’ve followed exactly what you did using the same plugins, but every single time I just get an error message whenever I try and use quad face unwrap “Could not map mesh to a 2D grid”.

I cant see anything ive done obviously wrong so im just lost at this point

Thank you for all your help so far any solution to this would be appreciated

Visually inspect the surface and if you find any irregularities, repair it