Struggling to get a set of faces over this organic styled structural frame

Just tried that - even went in and converted all the triangulation to quad surfaces using QuadFace Tool

Still no luck and im getting the same error message

You can see and try in the model I created - structural file6a.skp (12.1 MB)

Starting to feel that there might be something wrong with my Sketchup install as I tried it on your model successfully did it once then went to repeat the process on the same bit for it not to work. tried with the other sections of it too with the same error message being displayed along with a bugslat error

Edit - Its not sketchup as ive reinstalled everything and get the same error

This is where I’m at - for some reason I cant all of them to go green on the live analysis and it won’t make a UV grid with them being blue

Sorry for the continued issues I’m trying to learn how to do it so I can advance my Sketchup knowledge

Modify all profiles to have the same number of segments and it will generate a surface consisting only of quads

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Thank you very much for all your help! finally managed to do it and I’ve learnt a lot in the process.

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