Failing with Flowify extension to place pattern on top of a assymetric cupola volume

Hello. Sorry trying to re post this in a different was a I misspelled the first title
( I corrected it but it doesn’t seem to get any traction so I don’t know maybe it is sort of quarantined?

I have this arc that is asymmetric and I would like to use Flowify extension to project the pattern on it
The curve does no seem to go over 180 degree.
I have created the different groups as advised in this youtube tutorials

one for the arc
one for the two path (if they are correct, I am NOT sure)
one for the rectangle on top that the grid is supposed to be imposed ( I haven’t managed that)
as nothing worked I also have separated the curve from the main body of the arc, still to no avail

I don’t know how to make quadrants on the arc and there is this
one line that I made invisible because if I delete it there is a hole in the face of the arc.

FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_01.skp (467.0 KB)
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_02.skp (470.7 KB)
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_03.skp (471.1 KB)
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_04.skp (469.1 KB)

Thank you very much for any advise.
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_05.skp (455.4 KB)

Hi, first you have to delete the faces and create new surface using curviloft’s third button… Second, cleaning the model using clean up is needed, because there is some extra edges… Connecting lines should be a group… After that flowify will work…

Here is the file…
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_05.skp (2.1 MB)

Hello Dear Kenan

Thank you so much for your assistance

(coincidence yesterday I went to a medical appointment and I came to chat with the gentlemen secretary and he told me his name was Kenan and I told him I never heard the name before and it sound great). He was of Indian heritage.

So I guess the name Kenan crosses many borders. We love Turkish shows on Netflix like KLUB and The Protector and many others the costumes and settings are always great.

I am trying to make a modern Mosque building with a abstract geometric arts.
I have been looking for Islamic Art patterns on the 3D Warehouse but I think
I am putting the wrong search parameters. Nothing comes up.

I just clicked on your profile and see you are from Turkey. Loved your country.
I lived and worked in “Kushadasi” when I was much younger for one year and visited many places.
From Istanbul to Antalaya, Izmir, Bodrum etc.

About the model:
In my mind I would have never thought of making the path down to the back and front corner
looking at Youtube I thought it had to be in the front.
Amazing how assistance like yours opens ones eyes to understanding different methods

Looking at your screen shot I am actually amazed that the pattern follows the both curves top to bottom and front to back and fits squeezes into the arc. In my mind I thought it will loose what does not fall down straight onto the pattern of the arc
That is way better and beyond what I expected.
I am “VERY” grateful that you also sent your file in your second message
I did look and marveld at it, but will ignore as I want to succeed to make it myself along your advise.
I do have “Curviloft” but I am not using it often. So this will take me to another exercise.
I try to stick to free extensions
Have a great day. The only word I recall in Turkish “Gunaiden” (probably spelled wrong )
I will upload my file once I get it done it’s late here now in Canada.
Kind regards

Thank you for kind words…
Curviloft creates the surface as group by default, so you have to explode it after creating… You can think arraying two or three pattern side by side, and adjusting plugin’s flat surface to them… Three pattern groups means you will use the plugin three times, selecting one pattern group at a time, or select all and use plugin once but it may cause your computer crush or take long time to finish the job…

I have some warehouse links…

My sincere pleasure. (Sorry I always tend to be a bit personal, I think nothing wrong to tell a bit about oneself)

I just found out my Curviloft “free” since April first is finishes but I will get the licence.
Thank you for your links amazing choices so pretty. I have a book about all these type or Art.

Hello Kenan

So I got Curviloft in the Fredo package
I made this new face with it
then exploded everything
then Ceanup3
went into the Model info and purged it
but then again this one line appears on the right side
if I delete it the face disappears.
Is it ok if I just hide this line?
06_FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withLINEappear.skp (468.4 KB)
07_FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withLINEdeleted.skp (467.0 KB)

I remade all the groups
I still can’t seem to make Flowify “impose the grid” onto the arc

08_FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withLINEhidden.skp (445.9 KB)
What do you suggest?

When you delete the face, turn the hidden geometry on, view-hidden geometry… You will see there is a hidden line there, delete it, after that use curviloft…

I love all the pattern links you sent me I tried to integrate one into a recangle
managed to impose the grid but then again error (well I guess it is to complicated
it took me an hour to explode all the groups and cut the edges off.
11_newSTARpatternTESTonNEWarch.skp (6.5 MB)
11_new8patternTESTonNEWarch.skp (1.1 MB)

I made a new arch and a very simple pattern 8
I managed to impose the grid
but I get and error message when I click flowify
Sorry for not having managed
Thanks if you still have patience with it.

The ornament shape should be group, but not group inside group… So explode it and problem solved…