Trying to use Flowify to map to egg-shaped surface

Dear Sketchup Support. I am trying to use Flowify to map patterns onto an egg-shaped surface. Currently I am trying to use Flowify to do this, and although I believe I have carefully followed instructions, Flowify and Flowify Impose grid are still not working.

Is there a way I can attach the model to this topic?

I do not necessarily need to use flowify, if you have a better suggestion.

Pease let me know what you think. If you have different suggestions than Flowify, I am eager to try those instead.

Thanks again for your help, and best Regards


Just to be clear, SketchUp staff does not offer technical support for extensions, but you may get help from the community here or, possibly, the makers of Flowify. For best results, you may want to attach a screenshot of your model or the actual SKP file. Otherwise, the best we can do is guess.

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TestFlowify.skp (153.5 KB)

Here is the attached example model

Hi Aaron, thankyou for the quick response. I now see how to attach files. I did attach the example .skp file.
Thanks again for your assistance with this.

I think you might make the post a little clearer by saying the SketchUp support team does not support extensions. When you first read it one could mistakenly interpret the reply that the SketchUp application does not support extensions (at least if you are a newlby to the application and forum).

Also, I am sure there are many regulars and sages who can appropriately answer the original post. :slight_smile:


Not “you can misinterpret the answer”, but it is misspelled by Aaron.

.??? Do not understand what is misspelled.

Aarons answer.

Guess I am pretty dumb. What is misspelled in Aaron’s answer?

To circle back to the original post…. boba, I can’t check your model as I’m on older SU versions and can’t open your file. But taking a couple of guesses here…. The target mesh to “bend” your object to with Flowify has to have four distinct corners. Flowify will not wrap geometry around a fully circular object. I actually suspect you might be wanting to map an image/texture onto the surface of your “egg” ?



Thankyou @mihai.s ! Your visual explanation is perfect! I corrected the groupings, and then left the source pattern as a separate group touching the projection plane, and now it works!

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Now Aaaron edited this post and is OK

Looked ar Aaron’s post and is MUCH better. And, just to clarify, it was not misspelled, it was just not clearly worded. And, after looking at your quote from one of my previous posts I think the problem was more related to translation rather than spelling. Glad we have it resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes - trying to map a texture onto the surface of the “egg” Thanks again for clarifications and suggestions.

Mihai that is one of the best explanation gifs for flowify I have ever had the pleasure to watch.

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Thank you very much for your kind words, Box!

You’re welcome, boba!