Flowify issue

Hello Sketchup community:)

Ive been testing out the flowify extension and ran into some trouble. I’ve created framed windows with the 1001 bit tools and the mesh i want it to bend to in curvilot. I checked that the mesh consists of quads with quad face tools. But still get error messages which I cant quite find out how i can fix.

Can anyone take a look at the model and see if you see what im doing wroTEst 2.skp (1.1 MB) ng here :)?
Appreaciate all help :smiley:TEst 2.skp (1.1 MB)

You have a hidden line, delete it!

then will work


Tanks alot for the fast respons! Cant see how i didn’t notice that, but now it worked :smiley:
I see though that the grid is distorted. Do you know any way to keep the original grid size when it bends to the surface?

Redraw the wavy surface, and at the end you’ll have to do a little cleaning in the model.

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Aah, thats very cool!
I’ve never used the extrusion tools before, and tried reading up on it. But when im using the extrude by rails the grid still gets distorted. Do you have any idea why the result is different from yours?

Divide the side edges into equal segments too

Aah, thanks alot! Now I manged to fix it :smiley:
What is your recomended way to get equal spacing on the curved lines at the top and bottom?
Did you just redraw it with native tools and then divide?

To turn a spline into equal segments, I use Bezier Spline > BZ - Convert to > Polyline segmentor

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Great! Ill check it out! Thanks for the help, been really helpful :smiley:

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