Flowify, impose grid not working!

Help! I tried everything, I just don’t understand why it does not impose the grid on the planks :frowning: I need it for uni and can’t make it work, help

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Not really! :wink:

You have too much geometry, too little (scale up by 100x), surface with problems and you need four curves at borders.

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Omg, wait wait, I need to get this! So do you mean that i need to make the “planks” longer because my curves are longer in reality? Sorry, I am still new to sketchup, and this has been my first time building non straight walls! What do you mean by curves at borders? Sorry, I really want to get this :). (apologies if my questions are not making sense)

:arrow_lower_right: flo-02.skp (7.6 MB)

Your whole model, scale it up by 100x.

I am confused, I need to x100 because there’s too much geometry in such a small scale? How do you get flowify to work though, Mine

does this when i run it, even on bigger

In which of the models did you get this error? Yours or the one I gave you?

the one you gave me, when I ran flowify it did it with those spikes :frowning: can’t make it work.

Fixing mesh errors after Flowify and Fredo JPP

Now, after you have learned a few things about using Flowify, to create the desired model you can better use other tools, such as Solid Tools, or simple Intersect Faces.