I can´t impose grid on my 4 corner object using flowify

I tried to impose grid once.

But it won´t work, so i made a single flat with 4 corners and it still don´t work. I don´t know what am i doing wrong. I watched lot of videos and tried so many things, that i am sick of it already… can andybody help please?
Dálkový ovladač.skp (633.9 KB)
I am modeling in PRO version 2021

Watch the videos carefully and follow the steps to create the groups correctly

Also, try to work at a bigger scale.


Me when i try to rubber it…

I am actually making something useful and for 3D print… so it have to be small.

I have strange software or somethingi guess…

Try doing it at 100x scale so SketchUp can create the faces… then scale to .01 afterward to get it back to printable size.