Can anyone figure out why I can not impose grid

Is anyone know what I am doing wrong?

flowify.skp (1.1 MB)

Check your mesh

not quad

OMG. I was using curviloft before and that was the result. Do you know how to make it a quad?

Create your splines with the same number of edges, both horizontal and vertical. Curviloft it’s ok.

And the edges should be distributed as best as possible to match the bottom ones with the top ones.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! It really fix the problem. Do you mind to check this one too? It also can not impose grid. I already make them groups and a quad. Do you know what is the problem?

flowify (2).skp (910.2 KB)

You’re welcome!

There are only two plans, 2D, what are you actually trying to achieve?

I am trying to impose grid the rectangle one!