Help please flowify error

Hello guys and a Happy New Year to all of you!
I m in big trouble I have this exam that I have to finish and flowify extension is not working :frowning:
I did whatever it needed to be done I did the 2 connective lines and all the groups need to succede,but it does`t!
It take about 30 seconds than my model turns into some wirde long black lines all coonected to one point :frowning:
I really need some advice on how I can fix this fast,I really want to pass my exam.

Why not post in the Flowify thread on Sketchucation where the author and others who use the extension will see it? Also share your SketchUp model file so there’s some hope of helping you.

Hi Dave,
Happy New Year!
I didn`t knew it was a special thread dedicated to Flowify.
Here is the model,fingers crossed.
scaun impletit.skp (991.0 KB)


  • Your source geometry contains raw geometry AND groups
  • Your target surface is not very regular at the edges, that isn’t recommended
  • the object is bigger than the projection plane, that will make problems
  • the object is badly modeled:

I’ve managed to get a result, but it isn’t to scale anymore…

scaun impletit_2017.skp (9.5 MB)


You can also use ShapeBender or TrueBend (you’ll have to rotate the model once at 90 degrees to bend it in both directions)

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