Flowify is not working it says 'INPUT ERROR: Not enough Input'

Hi, I am currently using SketchUp for my final year project. I am trying to create a spiral staircase, I have followed numerous tutorials. I have my three groups all ready. But when I click flowify it brings up the error message ‘INPUT ERROR: Not enough Input.’ If anyone could help that would be great!

You might want to review the Flowify thread on Sketchucation. I expect the answer to your question is there. Sharing your .skp file will help us help you, too.

How do I do that? This is my first post in this community?

Do what? Share your .skp file. If it’s not too large to upload directly, drag it and drop it in a reply. Otherwise, upload it to DropBox and share the link.

As nice as your screenshot is, it doesn’t help us help you solve the problem.

Did you check out the thread I linked to?

In fact, you should create 5 groups to use Flowify.
From the picture you attached, the 3 groups you wrote about may not have been created correctly.


I have checked the thread you attached but I cant find a solution. Can I link to my one drive folder so you can look at the file?

Thanks for this! What are the other two groups that I need? I will screenshot what i have so far and show you

Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 19.24.37

Just look at the gif and follow the steps.

I think I see where I went wrong, I deleted the rectangular group behind my rail model

Just set up my groups again, but when I hit flowify my whole model just seems to enlarge!

What do you mean by ‘seems’, is it enlarging or not? Did you use similar dimensions of the elements?

It is enlarging - all the dimensions are the same for all the elements.

Then you probably didn’t set something right.

I am not too sure what - I have double checked everything!

Above is the link to my sketchup file if that helps

~ 900000 edges … your model is overly detailed, with a lot of small edges. Try to create and work with a low-poly model.

Is there a way of simplifying the model? I just downloaded the rail from SketchUp warehouse as I am on a bit of a time crunch!