Am I the only one who can't use flowify plugin?

Hi there,
I used flowify plugin until yesterday, but can’t use this right now…
Is there any limit to number of times to use flowify plugin???
When I start plugin, there’s NO ALARM…
Just doesn’t work…
Did I make mistake to use…?
If I make mistake, Can you please tell me what is the problem?
Anything will be helpful
Many thanks
q.skp (1.2 MB)

You should post your question in the Flowify thread on Sketchucation.

I already did it
You can check last reply is mine…

I’m at the phone and can’t try it, but have you opened the ruby console and got an error message there?

I’ve viewed your model with the mobile viewer, even if you get this model working, it won’t look as you expect it because the quads are distributed very unevenly.

It seems to be a problem with the geometry of the rails. If you run SolidInspector2 and cleanup on them it does work.

Railing.skp (805.5 KB)

…however, there is another problem you have to look out for. You will get a lot of faces on internal holes.

In order to prevent this you need to remove internal face loops on the projection side. Here is a short discussion about thet.