Flowify is not working it says 'INPUT ERROR: Not enough Input'

One possible method:
With Section > Create Group from Slice, you would get the 2D model which you can then simplify (Fredo Curvizard). Create the faces and with PushPull you get the low-poly 3D model.

something like this


Normally you use the 3D warehouse model only for shape and size, and you remodel it yourself, you don’t import it directly into your project.

I am such a novice to SketchUp I dont know if thats achievable for me!

I simplified that railing model and then Flowify


Then learn! You also can create that model easily, using Line and Arc tools.

3D model (just as an idea):
Spiral staircase on own2.skp (6.6 MB)

Thank you so much! I am trying to learn! Just tried to use flowify on a new stair rail I made to see if I could do it myself with a simpler rail and its still not working! Could you have a look at it?

You’re welcome! It takes time and study.

3D model:
Spiral staircase on own-test.skp (2.8 MB)

I used CleanUp

I have clean up - downloaded that extension the other day! I have literally spent the last week trying to perfect these extensions! You are literally a life saver! After my deadline I will go back in and perfect the extensions!

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