Any suggestion about Flowify

Hello there. i am working for a model where i need to use Flowify plugin (because i dont know any other way) so i have curved face, where i want to put (use) group like ornament all over on this curved face but i have not idea how to make it. i will upload imegas too, and if it will be necessary, i can upload file too. just please someone help me and give me any suggestion. i posted thousand posts in facebook groups but no one has suggestion. hope there is someone who will tell me, how to create it. i need it very much.
thanks and i am waiting for replays.

Here is them. i want to use red ornament (group) on a blue face with flowify.

It’s difficult to tell exactly what the blue surface is like or how you have your model set up. Perhaps you could upload the SketchUp file?

What version of SketchUp are you using? What operating system and graphics card? Please complete and correct your profile.

Thank you @DaveR for replay.
i am old user of sketchup, and i think it is created very normal as it was needfull. but i can upload file (i corrected it now a little, and think it is more easy way now) my pc is not very strong but works very well. i have 4 CPU. main face is long but its possible to be cutted and used only half or some part. please if you can to help me and show me how to create it.
sketchup forum.skp (4.0 MB)

You need 2 Groups.
Group A contains the target, the connection and the projection geometry.
Group B contains the ‘pattern’ geometry.
Projection and pattern must have the same amount of faces like the target.
Projection and pattern must on the same position - on the picture i moved the pattern for better visibility.
Then you can select both groups and run flowify.

In this example - the pattern geometry is 30mm above the projecton geometry - you can see the flowify generated geometry is also 30mm away from the target.

The essential of flowify is - target, projection and pattern must have the same amount of faces.



Example with colors:
Target and projection has 3 Faces on each segment
The pattern has 3 Faces on each segement - size is not the same like target.


Each color goes to the corresponding “row” of the target segement and is streched to the target size.


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flowify-1.skp (6.7 MB)

  • scale it with 100x;
  • make the two curves with the same equal numbers of segments over the entire length;
  • create the surface with Curviloft;
  • then use Flowify… and have a lot of patience.
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@mihai.s thank you very much :heart: i am trying it now with me, to use other ornament. lets see what it will be. thanks again. i will post how it worked, hope it will.

@tengel07 thanks so much. i get 2 great answer here. thank you again and again. i have to try this way too. if something, i will post how it will go. :heart:

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Please help me about error flowery . Thanks

please help me about error flowify.thanks

can you upload the model?

Check your model to meet those 5 requirements

Thank so much. I will try again and contact with you for help me . thanks

Dear Sir
I try already but not yet successful
i sen sketchup file
please teaching for me
thanks help.skp (2.0 MB)

Dear sir
please teaching help me
thanks help.skp (2.0 MB)

That model looks different?


Some problems for Flowify will be:

One of the lies isn’t ending at the corner:

The mesh is very irregular and isn’t a quad mesh at all (and not in one group?, and nested too much!):

You can ead through this topic and download some examples to get a better understanding for the needed structure of the geometry…

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  1. Thank you sir
  2. can you help to repair this model ?
  3. because I am new member so not yet good skill
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    5.Thank sir so much !!!
    Note : Sketchup file send already

The model has some construction problems, some of which Cotty has already shown you

On Youtube there are a lot of tutorials to help you learn about Flowify -

Dear Sir
Thank you sir so much !!!