Please help I have a graduation project and I have a number of days left

I want to make a round hole making it complicated as you can see. The location of the hole should not change, but flowify is not working even though I’m sure I did it properly. Please can someone take a look it’s urgent
Project.skp (299.3 KB)

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3D model >
Flowify-02.skp (298.9 KB)

Sorry I dont know rules. What should I do? I didn’t know I was sending 2 posts

Thank you very much. What’s the problem? Could you please tell me why I couldn’t do it?

You’re welcome!

Use this one
Flowify-02.skp (298.9 KB)

Create the right surface for Flowify, taking into account the message it gives.
On the left side (all green), quad surface.


Can’t I use flowify without deleting square surfaces? Because I think they are the problem, but I was planning to make a roof with them as in the attached image.

What is the final shape that you actually want to create? Why do you need Flowify?
Did you read that message from Flowify carefully?

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I guess flowify isn’t providing what I want to do. The size of the circle should not be distorted. I wanted to remove the dome in the photo from the roof you see. I mean, as you can see in the photo. Is there a plugin where I can do this?

Just creating a cylinder and intersecting it with the roof is not enough?

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I tried but failed. The surfaces are not separated from each other. I need your help for the last time. I know I took your time, but I would be very grateful. Can you do it for me?
Project Parla.skp (340.8 KB)

Just create the cylinder and intersect it with the roof

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I did it! Thak you so much! I can’t thank you enough, I really appreciate it. :smiling_face_with_tear:

It sounds better that way :wink:

You’re welcome!