Flowify and Contour Challenge

I’m modeling this.

I’ve gotten some help from Justin Geis to put the pattern onto the blower body, but am stumped getting it to work on the air plenum that sits below. Here’s what I’ve gotten so far.

Here’s an image of the test file I’ve created to do this without messing with the main drawing.

I’m attaching the SKU file too. Flowify keeps telling me that my target lines are not connected to the correct vertex. I’m not even sure what that means. I also want to know how to do the carving on the back face of the plenum to give it the same shape as in the photo of the engine. Intend to resin 3D print this part when it’s done.
Flowify Test 2.skp (386.5 KB)

Forum help will be greatly appreciated.

I regenerate the main surface with curviloft plugin and flowify worked, but here is the resault… It can be fixed but needs too much works… I suggest you to use intersect operations and joint push pull…