How to use Flowify on Circular face

I need help to understand how to work flowify on the circular surface, for example, I have a geometry in our case 3d letter A and I have to project this on a shield

On youtube, I have seen many tutorials but they don’t show how to deal with the circular surface.

I would suggest you go to Sketchucation and ask your question there. The author of the extension may already have a tutorial you can apply to this or will give you some guidance.

If you aren’t fixated on using Flowify, you could use Drape from the Sandbox Tools and then Joint Push/Pull.


Actually, I have a complex geometry which I want to bend so cant use drape tool or shape bender.
Thanks for help.

Perhaps you just need to extrude the two complex shapes through each other and intersect then, then use joint pushpull as @DaveR suggested.

The problem is there are so many different possible solutions to unspecific questions that we can only guess.

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Here is an earlier post about using Flowify on a sphere.

I would think that as long as you keep your element centered on the quad/grid, you will be able to cut a disc out after the Flowify procedure has been finished.

You can find one flowify solution here:

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