Trying to do an exercise with Flowify extension

I am trying to apply the process of the youtube below onto this unusual arc. structure (the top only)
I can’t seem to manage to tell “Flowify” to impose the grid onto the rectangle under the decorative pattern
I have put all in one group
the projected rectangle as a group
the path vertical in 01 and diagonal in 02 on the side as a group
the top of the arc as a group
the jalousie pattern as a group

FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_01.skp (467.0 KB)
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_02.skp (470.7 KB)

According to the video below the path links do not seem needing to be exact vertical
as the pattern projected can also be smaller, so I think larger maybe also?

Thank you for any help

I also separated the top from the arc to see if it changes something for Flowify
I also changed the glass
FLOWiFYtestCUPOLA_withPATTERN_03.skp (471.1 KB)