Mesh on a organic form - can't use Flowify?


Can anyone help me… I’m trying to put this mesh on an organic shape I’ve created with Curviloft. Does anyone know I can can do so? I’ve tried flowify but it’s not working, are there any other tools to do this?

Nýtt sU.skp (875.4 KB)

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Read the requirements on the extension page first.

You need a properly created surface with quads. Better splines. You have to simplify the mesh pattern, and you have to create the groups correctly for Flowify to work.

model as an idea >
Component_2.skp (1.4 MB)

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Thank you!
Do you reckon there’s another extension that can this this for me as I never have 4 clear corners?

The idea is the use a mesh (facade) similar to this one:

That becomes something similar to the facade on this building:

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I just showed you (I also gave you the skp model so you can study it) that it is possible with the shape you have, you just have to create each surface and each group correctly.
I removed the interior from your pattern because it took too long to calculate it on the new shape and I just wanted to show and told what you have to do.

Hi, Vray can do that operation by using enmesh option, but you can see the resault only in render, not as 3d model in sketchup…