Helppp flowify urgent...pls help

pls help trying to put this object on my dome, the object is supposed to be an opened kinetic facade

the dome is a organic shape so its making it hard to project the object to the dome

pls help. badly needed

uploading file for anyone that can help

You need to have a mesh made with quads.

how do i do that with a dome? this shape?

I’m not on my pc now by the best way for me is to make a low poly version of the geometry using Quadfacetools and vertex tools, then use subD to get the organic shape. I’ll try to check your model later if no one checks it first and gives you a solution.

thank you for this, will wait for your response

Sorry for answering this late, I had a bussy day.
I need the model of the dome to check how is it modeled and make a version with quads in case the mesh isn´t appropiate for flowify.

KINETIC DOME.skp (13.0 MB)
hello this is the model for the dome and also the facade that i want to incorporate to it

i really appreciate your help

Thank you

Ok I´ll check it out, meanwhile check this screenshots I made of how to model organic shapes using quads very easily, the shape of the dome is baseed on the image you posted.

First draw a rectangle and subdivide it with few loops.
Captura de pantalla 2023-10-23 020115

Then using vertex tools move the vertices until you have a basic shape.

Add more loops to get a more acurate shape and move the vertices until you get the form you want.

Then use subD.

Youll have a clean mesh to be able to use flowify, to find out if you have a good mesh use Quadfacetools live analysis and with flowify impose grid.

If you have everything in order the grid will appear on the face and youll be able to use flowify without issues.

is this the whole dome? or just half of it?

hello im sorry im not really familiar with these plugins. Is it possible to get a get a workable mesh from you?

Fortunately the geometry of the dome was easy to convert to quads. I remodeled the objects you want to flowify cause they were a bit messy and it would provoke some errors. I´ll send you the file as soon as its ready. It take some time to the pc to calculate how to flowify a big model.

thank you so much, will wait for the file,

thank you

I’m leaving right now my house but I left the Pc working, I’ll return in a few hours and it should be done by then.

What exactly do you want to get in the end? As how the pattern and the dome are modeled, even if you correct them, applying Flowify, if it creates the geometry, there will probably be problems with very small edges and missing faces, and the total number of geometry will make the model very heavy.

If you just want to indicate how it will look or you just want to render a general image, rather apply a texture.

An example as an idea:

  • changing the simple texture to the detailed one over a low-poly model

hello, did it work?

It causes a lot of crashes even on my desktop pc, I’m working on a solution but Mihai’s solution could be better, otherwise the model is impossible to work with due to the amount of geometry, I’ll send you the file later.

what program did you use to create the texture?

oh no, ok, will wait for the file, ill try mihai’s solution in the meantime

Here is it, I made the texture with gimp from an sketchup image of the pattern.
KINETIC DOME (1).skp (1.5 MB)
And here is the texture, in case you want to do a render you can use it to create the maps.

Textura Domo.dxf (468.0 KB)