Helppp flowify urgent...pls help

Another one i made just for fun.
KINETIC DOME (1).skp (2.4 MB)
Here are the Texture Files

Textura 2 Domo Pattern.dxf (181.4 KB)

I think its Krita, But you can do it with the image manipulation program of your preference, I used Gimp.

hi thank you for this. do you still have the mesh that you made for flowify and the facade that you remodeled?

this is the inspiration for the facade. i was getting issues as well when i was trying this model with flowify, it scales up for some reason

was wondering if u still have the remodeled version

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Sorry I deleted it, it was to heavy and I already purged the model. But you can draw the shape of that on sketchup and export it as image to make a texture.

hello tried using the textures u have given to the dome

But it comes out like this

how did you apply so it flows withing the whole dome?

You need to use a plugin like Thrupaint or WrapR to be able to apply the textures using a UV mapping.

are there any other way to wrap around the component to the dome?

It’s Affinity Designer. Super useful and affordable…

SketchUV is another plugin that can make UV mapping on complex shapes, but it’s more limited than thrupaint and wrapR.
The files I sent you had already the texture well applied, I used Thrupaint to do that.