Decor form

Hello there, can anyone help me, how to create same form?
i have same paneli did, but have not idea how to give it samecurved form.

If you are having difficulties imagining how to create it, imagine what the builder is is contemplating on how to build it…

PS probably have to use parametric modelling software - Rhino + Grasshopper

i dont use Rhino. i am interesting how to create it in sketchup. if it is possible ofcourse.

Do you really need to model the geometry in full detail?

I’d be inclined to try modelling the outer surface, then apply a texture to it.

Looks like something that Flowify may be able to do.

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yes, i need full geometry for my client. only texture will not work fine.

but how, i really have not idea

So you are using SketchUp Make commercially, according to your profile.

and what??

@Anssi is pointing out that is is in violation of the end user license agreement to use Make for any commercial work. Before moving forward you should look into purchasing a copy of SketchUp Pro.

it is no ones bussines, it is free and client is agree :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

The word “cliënt” normally means paying customer. So that choice of words does create confusion.

It’s illegal, to put it in simple terms.

Trimble ® do not permit you to use SketchUp Make ™ if you are doing it for a client, and making money.


So, if I design a house for a family member using SU Make, that’s fine.
If she pays me for it, that’s not fine, and a violation of the Trimble Terms. But I’m not an architect :wink: yet.

You need to be using SketchUp Shop ™ or SketchUp Pro ™.

Look at me, being all legal, putting ® and ™ on stuff. :roll_eyes:

Made that a Wiki in case anyone wants to correct me

You must be a lawyer if you are so sure of your case. I can’t judge, but I argue that a few special characters would make everything legal.

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I’m not a lawyer. My job title is “Teenager”. But I do like to read the T&Cs. Anyone who wants to correct me can, I’ve made that post editable to all.

I studied “corporate law” (or something like this) for half a year at university (it used to be a long time ago), but by no means would I go deeper into these things …

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Thats fine :slight_smile:

relax , it already time to sleep.)
you are really very very N 1 Obedient boy :+1::ok_hand:))))))))))) 1 golden d)))

for everyone!!! :loudspeaker::loudspeaker::loudspeaker: R E L A X, it is not about money. good luck))))))))))))

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