Freelance Sketch up designer

Hi I am looking for a freelancer to help model a few items in skecth up!

I am after someone who can create Plush toys, like the following. i would provide images of the toys i need drawing.

Please get in contact -


My guess is there is better software out there to get this done more efficiently. You didn’t state how much experience you have with SketchUp, but it isn’t a great program for drawing curves. Unfortunately I also can’t help you with a recommendation on some other product design software but I’m sure someone on the forum will know. I think you’ll get “prettier” results with another software.

As much as I like the challenge of building things in SketchUp, if I needed ot get models of these made I would probably end up in ZBrush… (just as I would not want to try modeling a floorplan in ZBrush).

If you were to fill your post in with a little more info (like what the models will be used for, how light they need to be, that sort fo thing), it might make sense to use SketchUp, based on your needs.

Hello, I am a designer and constructor I understand sketchup well i need a job