Need freelancer for ongoing work - must be able to create curvilinear items

I’m a professional architectural renderer looking for Sketchup modeling assistance on a variety of projects - everything from larger buildings to modeling specific pieces of furniture and other curvilinear forms. Must be proficient in making items like upholstered furniture, historic architectural details, etc. This is for ongoing but part time work.

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Very nice work in many media! Who’s doing the Ivoryton Piano factory?

Please be aware that if you hire someone they must own a license of SketchUp that alows for commercial work, so not Make or Free…

Yes, thanks - that’s good to remember.

Not sure I can relate that info.

Here’s an example of a current model I need - a leather “club chair”. I don’t need it to be 100% photorealistic (I’m not expecting all the small wrinkles in the leather). It just needs to look good from 3 meters away. Let me know if this is something you can provide.


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I may be able to help. Take a look at my models in the 3D Warehouse:

[David Heim | 3D Warehouse]

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Ok thanks! What time zone are you in? What’s your hourly rate? How long does it take you to make something like the Baroque German cupboard?


I’m in the Eastern time zone in the U.S. $40 an hour. As I recall, I needed about 6 hours to do the Baroque German cupboard. Something less ornate, like the Eliel Saarinen dresser or the Aalto bentwood dining set, takes less time.

Ok good. I’m in Philly, so we’re in the same zone. Attached is a chair I need for a current project. Is this something you can make and if so, roughly how long would you need?


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Looks like 4 to 5 hours. How detailed do you want the decorative nail heads?


I think I mentioned - I just need things to look good from 15’ away typically. I also need to keep individual models as small as possible so my overall model is still workable.

Attached are a couple of chairs my previous assistant made, coming in around 4-5mb each.


chairsKF.skp (8.87 MB)

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Ok - sorry.

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