Looking to hire SU Pro modeler for furniture piece


I’m fairly proficient at SU, but I need someone with real chops to help me model an upholstered chair that I designed. I have hand drawn sketches showing a 3/4 view as well as some details, but there are still some details that will need to be refined during the process.

I’m looking for someone with strong modeling skills as well as a good eye for detail and, ideally, someone that has a background, or understanding in furniture design.

Right now, it is only one piece, but I’m working on a hospitality project right now and there could be more work.

I don’t have a budget in mind, but I know that what I am asking for is relatively specific and niche. I’ve also posted this on Upwork and can send the link with my drawings and job description.





I might, repeat, might be your guy. I am getting started as a freelancer and am almost done updating my Upwork account with a new portfolio. I am degreed in Interior Architecture with a focus on Product and Furniture Design. I have almost 25 years in woodworking, furniture building, and cabinetry. I was a builder for about 15 years of that span and about 9 years ago promoted into the design office of a very high end residential cabinet shop. I have that many years of experience in AutoCAD and Cabinet Vision producing cabinets and millwork. About 5 years ago I ran into Sketchup and have been falling in love with it as my preferred interface for all my design work. The beginning of 2018 I started working for a commercial millwork shop that allowed me to model in Sketchup so I was able to produce some 6-8 models of various types of reception desks (I will add that I was never given a chance to produce drawings with it, and therefor have not done a lot of work in Layout, but the models were great for engineering and design studies).

I have also produced many of my own furniture designs in Sketchup as I find the space to be so easy to develop ideas in. I model like I learned to build; piece by piece. I can do volume studies fine also, but final models I prefer to model each piece so it can be exploded for production part identification. I have done zero work modeling fabric though, so that might be a non-starter for you. However, I am very keen on learning more and would be open to working thru that process with you if your deadlines are not sharp. I can send you to my Upwork account as well or just straight send you my portfolio. Let me know if it is a match or not. Hope you find what you are looking for at any rate.


I can help you with this, with more refined and crystal quality work, please PM me your Email so that i can share my details