Is Sketchup the right modelling software for my needs

Hi y’all. I was just wondering if its possible to create sculptures like the ones I’ve attached below in Sketchup. The objective is to create decor elements of similar complexity to populate my interior design scenes; and then render them. No 3D printing required.


Yes, it is possible. Try it. Start from the free learning materials from

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Alright will try with the tools i have knowledge about, and probably come back here for tips and extension suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks Anssi

You can try in SketchUp with Artisan extension -

or you can try ZBrushCoreMini -

or in Blender

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■■■■ bro thanks. Ill check the plugins out. Looks like Artisan is paid, so ill probably try Zbrush first.
Is blender like super hard to learn? I should just hire a product designer :sweat_smile:

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If you have to set aside profitable work in order to become proficient in a software program of limited use to your business; I would chose to hire a designer. It is rewarding and fun to learn new skills but the cash flow will suffer in the meantime.

Do you use Sketchup already?


Yes i do use Sketchup already, since college. It’s the only modelling software I’ve used, albeit only for architectural and civil modeling (exterior and interiors). Today i spent 4 hours trying to model this face XD and it came out meh. So yes, ill probably be looking to outsource this one and maybe for the long term look for product designers or interns. I would love to be able to learn and be good at Blender but not while working full time as well.
Cheers rkleins