How to solve the Surface Borders and Nest Instances for create Organic Shape?

Hello everyone
I’m a beginner at Sketchup.
And now I doing a project about an Organic Shape Bar.
I downloaded the Curviloft ,Slicer5 and Solid Inspector plugins for the shape
But it keep saying my form have Surface Borders and I can’t find any of them.
How can I solve it?

It looks like you maybe used Curviloft to create the surfaces. and they are all inside a larger group or component. If so, each of those surfaces is a group. The Nested Instances message and all the red boxes indicate you have a bunch of groups selected. The Surface borders message refers to edges of surfaces.

It’s hard to tell you all of the required steps to fix the object to make it solid but the first thing would be to explode all of the groups created by Curviloft. There would probably be more to do after that but your screen shot doesn’t provide a lot of information. Upload the .skp file so we can take a look and we can tell you more.

ok thx and here the skp file. I trying to solve it but I think it getting worse and worse.
table (1).skp (8.8 MB)
Left: Original
Right: Solving

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. You’ll need to go in and delete any internal faces and then stitch the top edges of the shape to get faces to close it up. You’ll have to look closely at the edges because there are places where the edges aren’t in the same plane. Note the notch here.

What version of SketchUp are you working in? It looks like SketchUp Free with the SketchUp logo watermark.

In the same area as the notch there are some gaps where the neighboring surfaces don’t meet correctly. Those holes will result in surfaces borders, too. You’ll need to fix those.

Turning off Hidden Geometry will make it a little easier to see what is going on.

Here I’ve done a little repair work. I drew in an edge to close the notch at the top and then deleted some of the edges in those gaps and drew in new edges to close the holes. Those edges are shown here. The selected triangle is where the notch was.

Really appreciate that. But how can i solve about the top side. thx

You have to close the top surface. That will require a lot of manual work stitching back and forth acorss the top. Here I’ve done a little of it. There’s a gap on the right where there’s some problem geometry that I haven’t looked for yet.

How did you go about deciding on the shape of this thing? How will the model be used once you have it completed? Is there any value in making it a solid? Generally I prefer all components in my models to be solids but in this case maybe it’s not worth the time investment to make it solid. Or maybe it would make more sense to start over with cleaner geometry from the beginning.

BTW, you didn’t say exactly which SketchUp version you are using. Knowing that would help identify what tools you have available.

Really thx a lot. I think the gap is because i form the shape separately, will this affect it?

Everything you did affects it.

Another problem is that this thing isn’t flat on the top and bottom. Note the curvature relative to the red axis.

oh sorry, i been using the Sketchup Pro 2017.

I form the shape by following this type of picture and try to reform it to the bar table


Maybe you can see my Design Statement as it’s my second design project for my studying
briefDP2.pdf (5.1 MB)

I think if I were modeling this, I would write this one off as a learning experiences and start over. I would simplify the geometry considerably to make it easier to work with.

thx for your advice, i will try to simplify it

Good luck.

Out of curiosity, why are you using SketchUp 2017 Pro? Maybe it’s time to upgrade. SketchUp 2021 will deal with complex geometry better than 2017.

Because my lecturer suggest us to use it, and that’s why. :sweat_smile:

A bit of concerning i want to ask that How many faces you will suggest to make this model?

When did your lecturer suggest it? Recently? That wouldn’t make any sense now. You’d only get to use it for the 30-day trial period and then it would stop working. You can’t get a license for 2017 Pro now.

There’s no hard and fast rule for that. As few as you can manage to get by with. The actual number depends on a lot of factors. If your model is only this piece of furniture you could probably get by with more faces than if it’s part of a larger space, which I gather it is.

Had to be done.


If you are looking to make the design from panel segments, all you would need to do is take your form and generate faces. Your original form does not have to be a solid.
Once you have the faces, you can use jointpushpull to extrude all at once to get the panels.


… or have the profiles created horizontally


beautiful but there’s a dust collector if I ever saw one! :rofl:

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