Bend human's body to desired shape

I’ve been making a trike with a cabin but now i need to fit a person in there to see if it fits in it.

I need to make the human into the shape of this guy on the pic. The skp is too big for me to upload atm.

Is there a person component i can modify/bend to my preference? Chris that’s currently in the program doesn’t seem to have any component options.

Probably here you can find exactly what you need.

Am i looking for humans that i can shape or already shaped the way i want?

Sketchup doesn’t have the native ability to joint a figure.
You either need to find a figure that suits your application, adapt one or model it yourself.

Any pointers you can give if i were to model my own? I’m not very experienced in Sketchup. Been using it a while now but only to model simple vehicular shapes.

play with one like this to give you ideas…



Yeah that’s what i was aiming for personally. Thank you all.

The matter is to use right keywords to find what You need. I think the best keywords for this kind of model are “poseable figure”, “ergonomics”, “Mannequin”, etc.

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Yep I got the mannequin John posted above. It’s working as intended.

I never encountered any difficulty repositioning figurative models using SU’s native tools, especially if they are on the low-poly side. Using the Rotate tool fold along angle of rotation feature was something I frequently used to reposition the figurative models I made and display throughout that website.


Here is very interesting vehicle entry analysis

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