3D People that don't look wonky :@)

Hi All…
I create a lot of models where I need people in, to bring the images to life for the customer.
So far I have been using the people in Enscape Assets and they look awesome but very limiting to what I need.

Ideally I want to be able to edit or create some people that have different clothes on (Ie Uniform or Branded colours) but also the ability to have people in positions that are relatable with the model… So reacting to an item, carrying a bag, taking a picture on their phone.

I looked at Warehouse and tried editing these but they look like they have been too close to a heater.

Any advice?
Point me in the right direction?

You are not the first with this request. Do a forum search for “3D people”. The results may or may not help.

Despite the images of teenager dream scenes on their webpages, it is possible to create normal-looking characters in applications like Poser and DAZ Studio, but the problem is that the result is far too high polygon for SketchUp use. They would perhaps work best as 2D face-me components. If what 3D Warehouse offers isn’t what you look for, you might perhaps have better luck on pay sites, with FormFonts being perhaps the most grown-up (not in the “adult” sense) and with polygon-optimized models suitable for SketchUp use.
Just thoughts.

Thanks for the reply…
Unfortunately for me there tend to be anything from 6-20 people in my scenes so need to keep things slick…
The assets from Enscape work really well for me, just don’t have the ability to change their pose or clothes…
I am self taught and don’t have time to learn another piece of software to create people, Suppose was looking to see if anyone had a quick fix

SketchUp, unfortunately, doesn’t have a rigging system for 3D characters and therefore no directly poseable characters. Some people have created workarounds with “guides” on a separate layer inside the model to help posing, but the models tend to resemble wooden mannequins.

Try an open source program called Makehuman, you can basically make any character you need with posing and clothing. Takes a little bit of learning especially once you want to get past pre made characters and start making your own.