3D modeling humans

I draw in SketchUp to make 3D meshs of humans i created. After that i am going to animate them in a animation. There is humans in SketchUp. Tutorials however don’t tell you how to create humans. Tutorials tell you how to create objects. You aren’t able to see how 3D warehouse humans is constructed. I got to convert a 2D human to a 3D human. Does it work to create a 3D character of the human i created in SketchUp? Do you need to see the character, i send it.

hemm… Sketchup is capable of modelling MANY things but realistic humans (and animals) aren’t really part of the list.

most (if not all) of the 3d people you can find on the 3d warehouse come from other softwares with proper organic tools and/or 3d scans.

sculpting programs like Zbrush, Poser or Blender are more indicated to make humans. at least realistic looking ones.

also, that one, open source

just because I didn’t know it, I tried Make human

it’s ok. it’s funny.

you can export obj, stl and collada. I recommend collada.
for some reason, the materials don’t come with, and you can see this simple example, it’s already 50K faces + lines (and I picked a simplified face). I won’t look deeper on that issue, it’s almost midnight.

the more realistic you want the person to be, the higher polycount you’ll get, the heavier it’ll be to manage for sketchup.

Modeling on sketchup using the right tools, in these case vertex tools and subD, is like modeling on blender, with quads and subdivision modifier, you’ll have the same results, I’ve modeled myself humans and animals on sketchup and blender, the results are the same.

For that you’ll need another software for sure, sketchup doesn’t have a rigging tool and I haven find any plugin that can do that. Of course it is possible to animate them using Fredo animator but it will be a nightmare and the results will be bad anyways. On Blender you can add bones and control the model with them, it’s not so easy though, the automatic bone control it’s not always the one you want and you’ll have to wight paint the reach of every bone toll so you don’t end up with strange results like moving the hand and part of the hips also move strangely.

By the way you must model the human body on a T position and it must be made out of quads to be able to rig it better, it will take you some time to learn how to do it properly,

Well Rebourne, Francisco has experience in modelling humans in Sketchup, I let you into his hands, he’ll teach you how.

but my advice still stands. especially if you need to rig and animate.


The best ever human characters for SketchUp were modelled by Alan Fraser for FormFonts. They are quite low-poly. He did most of his characters without plugins, by moving single vertexes around. This kid was a freebie he once posted. 2800 edges and 1763 faces.

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You must learn about the topology to model a human, there are some rules you must follow specially for head and face topology.

Hi Rebourne, welcome to the forums. SketchUp can do a lot of different things when it comes to 3D modeling and it very easy to use for newbies to 3D design, but SketchUp was designed with a focus on architecture first and foremost. As a result, it will be a bit of a struggle to do a highly detailed 3D model of a human in SketchUp. While it is possible to do so as show in prior posts, you may find it easier to design human models in a different program that is specifically tailored to that purpose.

SketchUp is just one tool in your toolbox. Using the right tool for the right job is critical to an efficient workflow. While SketchUp composes the majority of my workflow I do use other programs for some of it. SketchUp is great and I love it dearly, but don’t ignore other programs if they will enhance your workflow. Your clients will want the best results and will usually not be too picky about what program you use to achieve them.

Anyway, in short, it is possible to use SketchUp to do this but it will be difficult.

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I planned to create humans in the 3D animation software Akeytsu. Akeytsu however is purely a animation software and you aren’t able to create characters in the software itself. I need to construct human artworks to 3D meshs in a 3D modeling software. Becuase SketchUp is for constructing objects, i construct humans in Poser. Then i import them to Akeytsu.