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Does anyone know of the best place (sites) to get the most realistic 3d modeled people for free or fairly cheap? Looking to step my renders up to the next level. Just in need of some realistic looking people.

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I was wondering if any person had a good link to a pack of actual obj or fbx human models for cheap or even free. It is difficult to find a good source that you can trust. But if someone had a good link or provider that they trusted it would make me feel more comfortable to purchase or download.

OK…how about this site?
3d people from FormFonts

I think a more recommended approach would be to use 2d face me component people because this will not add to the size of your overall model nearly as much as the 3d components will and the aesthetic appearance of your model will remain intact.

Are you combining the people and SketchUp scene in a different tool? You mentioned OBJ and FBX, which SketchUp can export to, but can’t import. How would you get those models into your SketchUp scene?

Hi @trevor ,

Adding realistic 3D models on your scene might slow down the performance and adds up to render time quite a lot. I personally think it’s just not efficient for landscape/architectural visualisations (that i assume you’re working on?).
I only recommend using them if people will have a direct interaction with your work/product at close range (using your Chair, holding your Mug etc.)

Here are some free models that you can get:

  • 3D Warehouse - HQ Man - Although it’s rare, you can find some decent ones in 3D Warehouse.

  • 3D Warehouse - AXYZ - 3 model provided by AXYZ.

  • AXYZ - 2 of them are ready to import .obj to Sketchup. Others, you might need to open in another application and export. Also you’ll notice some models that have weird pose (arms wide open), those are ‘rigged’ and can be animated. This is useful for using same model with different poses and obviously to animate. You can either do it in their software called ‘Anima’ or other applications (Not sure if you can do it in Sketchup). I recommend watching their demonstration videos.

  • Turbosquid - Lots of models here. You can search for ‘Futurescan’ models.

  • Render People - 1 business man&woman

  • Human Alloy - a female.

I used QuadFace Tools to import .obj to Sketchup. It may not work for some models, i’m not sure why.

Thank you very much for the response filibis. I am currently using sketchup to model and then import into lumion for renders. I am just sick of the lumion default people. I want to step up my game of renders and show some variety. You can tell a lumion render by the people that are used. I want to create a render and not allow people to determine what program I am using. This is in a perfect world of course. Thanks again. I will look into all of your links.


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