3 Free 3D Posed People for SketchUp

Hey there, we from Renderpeople are creating scanned 3D People Models for all sorts of different 3D applications, including SketchUp.

We want to share our SketchUp models with the community. You can even use the models for your commercial projects!

Free Download: Free Renderpeople SketchUp Download
:heavy_check_mark: Free Download
:heavy_check_mark: Free Commercial Use
:heavy_check_mark: No Registration Required

Please let us know if you liked the models!

If you want to check out more models, feel free to visit our library of over 3500 different 3D People Models: 3D People Catalog - Renderpeople

What are Posed People?
Posed People are static 3D People. Each of them portrays a specific natural pose that has been captured in our state-of-the-art photogrammetry scanner. The geometry and high-resolution textures of all Posed 3D People have been manually refined to match the vividness and authenticity of real human beings. Posed People include pre-built materials and are ready to render.

Renderpeople Posed People Specifications:
Geometry: 100k & 30k | Triangulated | UV unwrapped
Texture Maps: Diffuse, Normal, & Alpha Maps | 8K Resolution | JPG & TIF Format

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Tried downloading the first one, unzipping it, then opening in SU 2019 and 2020.

Impressively realistic. But all ‘loose geometry’ inside the overall component. So posing by moving arms and legs isn’t easy.

There are heavy jagged black lines over the face, round the ears and neck, and most body joints.

Can you remove them? If you can’t, how can I?

And could you not make the limbs separate components for upper arm, lower arm, hand; and thigh, lower leg, and foot, for example?


PS. I see that if I turn off both Edges and Profiles the jagged black lines disappear. But the style applies to everything in a scene, so if I did that, everything else would have to be the same. Can’t you hide those edges before making the model available for download?

You can draw lines over the places where profiles show, and then hide or soften the lines you created.

Having Use maximum texture size turned on is worth trying. Much better looking quality.

Hi John,
thanks for your message and thanks for your feedback.

When using our models without any Renderer in the Sketchup-viewport only, you can remove the lines by disabling the profile line drawing in your viewport.

The appearing profile lines on the model are automatically created in our UV-unwrapping step and texturing to enable our high-res texture projection inside of SketchUp. Those geometry-borders have to be there in order project the material and texture correctly. You can easily hide them in your image in post by creating two screengrabs with the different style settings and then quickly masking out the areas.

Our posed models are already baked are not meant to be deformed in any way. If you are looking for models with an including Rig-Setup, feel free to check out our rigged models. Those models can be modified so that you can create your very own poses in 3rd party applications.

Fredo’s ‘Hide All edges’ plugin on Sketchucation is perfect for that sort of thing, just select the group/component and use the plugin.
I use it all time for faceme components and VRay Proxies.


Thanks. I hadn’t properly understood the difference between the three types of model before, but now I do.

I see now that I understand the difference, the Rigged models aren’t available in SketchUp format.

But thanks for putting me right on the Posed models, and what to expect from them.