Hi, where can i find 3d people that can be re posed

i am trying to find 3d people that i can change there pose. they rejoins dont have to be great as i just want to interesct there shape with another material foe a sculpture design. i found one on 3d wharehouse of leo man, looking for a woman, can anyone help or suggest options, thanks

I am sure somebody asked this recently,

Anyway Daz 3D

Is a good app, you can then use Blender to simplify the mesh and import into SketchUp.

thanks for that, can i just buy a image from them and import it straight into blender?
then simplfy the mesh? havent seen that option yet in blender? maybe i need the file first

I use MakeHuman for generating 3D people. It’s super easy to use. You can even choose from a handful of generic poses in MakeHuman, then import the 3D person into SketchUp.

Here’s the download link:

thanks can u easily change there pose in that? using a generic pose?

You can choose from basic poses in MakeHuman.

If you want to pose the person yourself, then give the person a skeleton.

Here’s a tutorial on importing Makehuman models into Blender. It’s pretty complicated, but it’ll work if you follow the steps.

Then you can pose the person in Blender & finally import into SketchUp.

Blender shortcuts:

wow thanks looks perfect.
i got the person as a skeleton but i cant get the joints to move? tryed all the buttons i can see??
am i missing something or does that happen in blender?