Integrating 3D people into sketchup scenes


Could someone recommend the best program to create 3D people for integration into SketchUp?

I have tried Poser, Daz3D, Blender as well as some web apps like JustSketchMe. I just haven’t found the ideal solution yet. I see many great characters in the Warehouse-- I’m just curious if anyone has any workflow recommendations for making/exporting these low poly people?

I use SketchUp primarily in an illustration workflow. I rough out compositions in 3D, get the perfect shot and then export vectors and clean up/trace what I’ve made in Adobe Illustrator. Frequently I have to integrate people into these compositions. Since the characters are not really editable in Sketchup, there is a lot of back and forth if something’s not perfect.

I love Sketchup because it’s so easy to rapidly visualize and drawing in it is the closest 3D program I can find to what it’s like working in Illustrator.

Thanks in advance!