Creating 3D people to use in Sketchup

Looking for help. I am looking for someone to help me… I’ve been a Sketchup users since Sketchup 8 and now I would like to have human 3D characters in my models and some of these software creators(Make Human), (Human Generator) tend to have them imported into Blender so they can alter them… move their arms and legs so I tried it as well… so I created a character in Make Human software… imported it into Blender (dae) altered my character… from there I imported it from Blender (dea) into Sketchup Pro (dae). What showed up was the character from Make Human not the altered version where I had moved the arms and legs in Blender… now on Sketchup warehouse there are other folks that have imported 3D characters people and I’m hoping you can lead me into the right direction. Also I realize the character that came over wasn’t perfect(I have Pictures) but they have a software for that called Transmutr. :thinking: Thanks John.

  1. I created a character (Girl) in Make Human. Exported as OBJ file.

  1. Imported in Blender. Rigged (Rigify addon) and created a pose. Exported as OBJ file.

  1. I imported the OBJ in SketchUp

Mihai. S thank you for helping me… I got as far as to create the human in Make Human in importing it into Blender however I’m having a hard time figuring it out how to bring the rig over. in collada format there was an option to check mark the rig however I didn’t see an option in blender for OBJ to check mark the rig. Is this an add-on? Thanks John

I do appreciate everyone’s help… though I’ve been using Sketchup for a while this all seems so complicated… is there any other program like Human Blender? The folks at Human Generator don’t know anything about Sketchup. I do enjoy this but I want it to be fun more than complicated learning a new program. Plus I do not see SketchUp has a import for OBJ. Thanks John

3d figures in sketchup are not simple and they tend to bloat the file. There are some available in the 3d warehouse, and there are paid for options available.
You may find that a different software is more appropriate depending on how you need to use them.
Do you just want figures you can use in your models for entourage or is it something else you are after?

I do want them in my models yes… I also wanted to try to create and pose them but I’m finding it to be such a chore for one the software seems to be engineered for blender. And the people that created the software apparently don’t know much about Sketchup. I did try the rigify but my goodness I wanted to take a nap after just watching a video on YouTube… I’m about half of an inch from giving up.

Quad Face Tools will Import in OBJ

So will Trunsmutr

If you really want to create your own 3D people to import into SketchUp, you’ll need to learn about rigging, posing, remeshing, unwrapping, baking, exporting, importing, etc.

Or maybe you will create and use 2D FaceMe components

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