How to draw something like this character (megaman)?


Hi everybody.

I see pictures like this one:

And I think … it looks like a simple character model, but I don’t know how to start trying to draw something like that.
For example, the boots, any idea about how they should be drawn? or any tutorial / video that can show me how things like that are modeling?

Thanks in advance.


As with modeling anything, the first questions is, do you have a firm grasp of the basics?

I fully believe that something like this can be created in Sketchup, but you will need to know the basics of modeling and then learn to take advantage of a few extensions. I would probably use a lot of Curviloft in this model, as well as Vertex Tools and SubD for the face and body.


Probably only the very basics, thank you, I will take a look to those extensions.


I’m trying curviloft and watching some tutorials.
It’s awesome and it really will help with things like that.


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