How do you draw and get everything perfect! I just want to learn so my friends know that I draw pretty good

Hi my name is em as you could see lol, anyways i just want to know if someone could give me drawing ideas because I really need them and I would be grateful for it!

email me-

bye bye!

Draw your doll house. But first, study:

SketchUp Campus


omg sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for the YouTube video I will study!

If you really are a 13 year old looking for drawing tips you should be looking elsewhere, somewhere that teaches 2d sketching or whatever is suitable to your interests.
Sketchup itself is a 3d modelling software that isn’t specifically designed for simple 2d sketching, although some use it for that.
Having said that, if you are wanting to ‘sketch’ 3d images, it can be easily accomplished by building scenes in 3d and taking 2d views from them.

yeah but i would like to and like too see if anyone could help me draw better thats all I need.

Maybe you’re confused by the name of the software, sketchup isn’t a software for sketching, it’s for 3D model, you won’t learn to draw or need to know how to draw to use it. There’s a software called sketchbook from autodesk that is made for drawing and sketching, procrate is another drawing app and there are lots of courses and tutorials online that will teach you how to draw using those apps. You’ll need an iPad or an android tablet to use procrate or sketchbook or a graphic tablet to use sketchbook in a pc or Mac.