Can you confirm from this image if it’s sketch up being used?


I’m a Mosaicist. I have been asked by an interior designer to create a mock mosaic for an entry way for a new restaurant. I have never used sketch up but I have a hunch that the person in these images is using sketch up. If so, I need to do a crash course in order to create something similar. Or maybe you can suggest something else :confused:

Forgive my ignorance… I’m used to using my hands but the more interest in my work I’m getting professionals are always asking for mock-ups. Where as usually everything I do is hand drawn. So I’m keen to learn a software, preferably the same one the person is using in the image. This same person is a bit of a hero to me as he’s created mosaics for some top architects around the world. So emulating his work is kind of what I want to do as he’s doing it so successfully. Any help or guidance on where to start would be amazing.

Thank you

That is not SketchUp. SketchUp is 3d modeling software… (you can draw in 2d, but its primary function is for building in 3d).

That looks like a 2d design / drawing program - probably something for an iPad or a Mac running a Wacom screen.

Concepts and Autodesk Sketchbook are two that I have used for client presentations:

There are others…

It’s SketchBook

The program in your image is specifically Autodesk sketchbook, which bmike has linked in their post for you.

If you have an iPad and apple pencil, my favorite drawing app is Procreate.

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Okay thanks for confirming that.

Was just checking out concepts. It looks perfect for what I’m looking for. Vector based too! Thanks so much for sending that.

One question - if I design my file and send it across to client would they need the same software to open it up?


Yes, but you should be able to export to JPG or PDF.

When I used to use concepts I made a nice title block with my logo and contact information - and created a template for when I made architectural sketches and details and would export for clients.


I’m curious… how comes you don’t use it anymore?


I don’t need it for my workflow anymore.

I generally need to review and markup PDF plans now so I use a PDF markup app. For sketches I went back to my pencil and paper notebooks.