How smooth or make round a shape like this?

Hi everybody.

I found this image on internet through

I thought it was easy to me to draw the basic shape of this cartoon house, I made a first shape using SubD and Vertex tools to make a shape like this:

Using SubD I get this result (the one is far away from what I’m looking for):

If I try to do it with Round Corner Extension, I get an error:

I wonder how I can make it look smooth and make its edges look rounded,

I attach the file if it would be necessary: cartoon_house2.skp (82.1 KB)

Thanks in advance.

You were close with SubD! Use the Crease function on the edges. Set the top and bottom to 100% and the vertical edges to 80% to 90%


Thank you so much @TheOnlyAaron.

I’m still trying it like you said that’s why I didn’t answer inmediatly, it’s the first time I use that option with SubD.
I’ll answer again when I get it.

But I still have a doubt about what happens afterwards, how could I make edges look rounder? like the example picture.

I’m terrible at this program :frowning:
Even if I get the same result like you did, I still don’t know how to make edges look rounder.

I used the FollowMe tool.

Thank you so much @Anssi.

Not sure if the four faces are curved doing that way.
I’d like to learn more about SubD, I will keep trying.
Anyway, It’s still not rounded to look like the picture I took as reference.

Edges are rounded based on two things, the crease (set by selecting an edge and increasing the crease amount) and the “arc” created between edges.

See the example below for a visual example of what I mean by “arc between edges”

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Another effort with FollowMe and after erasing the created outer faces:

Rounding the corners might work best with Fredo’s RoundCorner.

Tbank you both so much, guys.

I still need to figure out how to make the first steps.
I’ll keep working on it. I will check the first Aaron reply as solution.

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