SU Hanging

I’ve been having an issue lately with SU hanging, and I can’t seem to see where the bottleneck is.

SU will hang for minutes sometimes more than 10 minutes, and I don’t see any issues with the CPU, Memory, GPU, or network being over-taxed. I do see the power usage go from medium to high to very high but what does that even mean?

Here is the full list of my Nvidia settings.

If it is hanging and your CPU useage is on 7% then that’s what I would expect to see if you are working in SketchUp - processing geometry or purging or doing something a little more intensive.

Perhaps try disabling all of the extensions inc the 3dconnexion one and see if you can narrow it down to one of those - it’s quite possible something is doing something you don’t want.

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It seems like 7% CPU usage is really low to create a lag. Can you explain why you think the CPU is the issue?


Do you have a very large file and Auto Save turned On?

If this is the case. SU may seems to hang while it is saving, especially if it is on an external drive or USB key that is slow.

Personally I turned Auto save Off a long time ago and have developed the habit of saving often after doing some involved modelling.

Maybe your model is complex and has many faces and edges and is using a demanding rendering mode like Profiles turned On and Shadows turned On.

If this is the case, try a less demanding rendering to see if things get better.

I just started a fresh model with only the door slab component and disabled all of my extensions. It’s still hanging a little while resizing the component and taking a few minutes. I do have auto save but on a 10 min interval. It does save to my Google Drive, but I have some pretty solid internet speeds. This model is only 5,572 KB.

Saving to any external drive runs the risk of Corrupt files.
About 99% of the forum requests to rescue corrupt files are usually traced to saving to an external drive.

Good to know. Thanks.
I also have a local Synology NAS DiskStation DS920+. Does that also run the risk of corrupted files?

Basically any non local, as in not built into your PC, has a risk. If there is any bottleneck/glitch/stutter in the connection during a save (most likely an autosave) the file can corrupt. This can be something as simple as and as coincidental as, SU autosaving and Google Drive deciding to sync at the same time. There can be a clash and data is lost.
Many people run their systems this way for years and no problem, but one day…
Theoretically the only really safe way is to work local, save local and manually sync to other locations.

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If you work on a file from the external storage device you’ll probably have issues at some point, if you don’t want to get corrupted files you should save the file in your internal storage device, that means on the SSD or HDD inside your pc, then you can have backups on the cloud or wherever if you need space you can manually pass old projects to the external storage device but for projects that you’re working on you should save them on your local storage device.

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As to CPU usage, SketchUp is single threaded so depending on the number of processor cores and threads available 7% usage might mean that SketchUp is fully using its one thread.


Hey, Guys. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

I lost one of my projects due to corruption in the past, but now I understand the reason behind it.

To avoid such situations in the future, I plan to change my workflow. I will keep my current projects on my local internal HD and transfer them to my NAS only after completion. Additionally, I will use Google Drive only for sharing or transferring projects when working away from my desk.

As for the Single-thread choke point, I already have a 12th Gen 3.60 GHz Intel i7-12700KF, so there’s no need to upgrade to the top-of-the-line single-thread performance as it will only provide a minimal gain of around 15%.