SU 2021 Customisation disappears after a couple of days


I keep having all my edits I do to the toolbar disappear. It happens while the program is still open, seemingly when I open someone else’s model. It seems to go back to the default toolbar up top and all my trays I have open are no longer there and I have to totally redo my setup. If I sit the program and go back in, it’s in this default mode. Seems to be a bug… Any help appreciated, I’m soooo busy.


Typically, all UI changes (Toolbars, Trays etc.) need to be stored from the current active session of SketchUp.
Close all instances of SketchUp.
Start (only one) instance.
Make the changes.
Close SketchUp.
This will change some .json files in the user data.
From then, all instances of SketchUp will have the same UI.

If not, there might be an issue with write permissions which can be solved by repairing the installation: (rightclick on the downloaded installer file and choose 'Run as Administrator)

I guess bobkshea have Mac… and could be that the SU does not installed, but started directly from DMG file.
(Or something like this, I’m not a Mac user)

Installing SketchUp | SketchUp Help

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Yes having correct profile info would certainly help ( I just saw ‘ms’ somewhere at the time and ‘trays’ on Mac are called inspector panels.)

The procedure and working are the same.

Things can go bad when not installed, however.
Also check this thread:

Best thing to do is to quit all instances of SketchUp.

Remove docked icons (drag them up).
Remove disk images from the desktop as well (little gray harddisc pictures)

Remove SketchUp 2021 folder (if exists) from the Application folder.

Empty trashbin.
(Might want to reboot at this point)

Be sure to have the latest download.
Double clicking will mount the right disc image on the desktop and pop up a window with two icons, a SketchUp logo and the Application folder logo.

Drag the SketchUp icon into that of the application folder.
Wait for it to have finished (1.7 GB)
Close panel.
Remove disc image from desktop.
Go to Application folder and start SketchUp.
Dock the appearing icon.
Make changes to the UI.

Close SketchUp.

From then on, double clicking on a SketchUp file or opening from the dock icon or Application folder will show your latest changes to the UI.