Sketchup 2024 returns to default toolbars

For some reason SketchUp suddenly does not remember my setup for all extensions and standard toolbars. What may have happened? The default tray also stopped sticking to the position I prefer, but to that I found the solution on this forum.

Your profile indicating you are using version 2021, please update it if you already installed SU 2024.

The issue you described is typically happening when you incorrectly installed the application.

You need to right click on the downloaded installer file chose Run as administrator. When promted chose Repair.

You can download a fresh installer file from: Download All | SketchUp | SketchUp

Thanks, suddenly it does remember again so it is fixed somehow. I guess it got better when I fixed the issue with default tray floating freely. I have no idea how I update my profile so it presents that I use the latest 2024 version now. Not very clear.

regarding the interface, sketchup saves it when you properly quit.
if it crashes, it won’t save the changes you made.

and if you open 2-3 sketchup files at the same time and change the interface there, only the last one you close will be saved. and opening a file, changing the interface, then opening a second file (without closing the first) won’t do either.

so basically, whenever you wish your interface to be saved, quit, and relaunch.

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