SketchUp Pro 2024 - Trays

*Noticed that a new tray was not saved after installing SU Pro '24 and restarting computer. The tray had one panel, Outliner.

Recreating the tray and restarting computer seemed to ‘fix’ the problem.

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator?


I have now right clicked the installer and re-installed with repair option.

The tray appeared. Haven’t restated computer yet… but it only happened on the first restart.

On a PC Running the installer properly as the administrator [or doing a ‘Repair’] later on does no harm.
Otherwise unpredictable errors can arise - often around file/folder permissions and thereby preferences/setting not being saved across sessions etc…


Quick question: I log into Windows using an Admin account. Does that ‘automatically’ set installations to install as administrator?

No. That doesn’t. You still need to do the right click, Run as administrator thing.

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I have a similar issue… Installed SUPro2024 as admin. I (like so many) have multiple screens. I populate the secondary screen with trays and plugins. In this install, the trays (5 of them) do not stay in the place they are positioned in upon re-starting SU. Even computer restart and running SU as admin does not remember the position of the trays. As an aside, I have also notices that some plugins (not docked) place themselves over both screens no matter where you place them. All graphics and W10 updates in place.
Any suggestions? As, if this cannot be fixed, SUPro2024 will be unusable.

Try starting AND closing SketchUp on the monitor you want the trays to stay open in. For example, I have 2 external monitors. If I start on my main (laptop) using the start menu, that’s the screen SU opens on. If I move it to the left monitor, expand to full screen, and then drag a Tray from SU to the main (laptop) and close SU, when I open SU again the SU window is on the left and the Tray is on Main.

Similar with opening files from File Explorer: move the File Explorer window to the screen you want SU to open in.

Also, if you use Dev Tools for extensions, open from the screen you want the Dev Tools window to open on (that way it won’t open in front of your SU screen so you don’t have to move it).

For me, it only works when I save a file. If you dont save, the tray don’t saved! Go figure.

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Thanks JD. That doesn’t work for me. Also, I just tried resizing my window and it crashed once full size was selected (multiple crashed).

Added info: I have repaired the installation with no positive results on any of the aforementioned issues. I have uninstalled and reinstalled; no change. SUPro2024 minimises OK, but resize the window leads to crash every time. This renders the app unusable.

I take it that no one has an answer.

Darts at the wall:

*Try to find a stable state.

Disconnect external monitors. Start SU empty file from Start Menu. Enter full screen. Dock everything. Close. Restart. Maybe better yet, reduce the number of trays back down to 1.

Disable “Use new graphics engine” in Window->Preferences->Graphics. Check to see if you are using your graphics card under GPU Selection (same menu).

Change the scale in Display settings (or equivalent, I’m on Windows 11).

Use “Extend desktop to this Display”. Don’t span screens.

Turn on Ruby Console to check for errors from extensions.

Try using a saved file opened from File Explorer. I know this makes a difference because I can control which screen SU and Dev Tools open on by doing this (but I don’t know how SU ‘knows’ this). I suspect SU updates the PrivatePreferences.json on closing and the info is there…

Send bug splats if you are getting them.

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