SKP 2023 doesn't save trays

Sketchup 2023 does not save the sizing and opening settings of secondary trays.
At each opening it restores a configuration with the secondary trays closed, and the main one reduced to the minimum size.
Win 11, i9 12th, rtx A4000.
Already tried: fix install as admin, reinstall latest version, disable quick feedback, save as template. Sketchup sees the graphics card.
Version 2022 does not have this problem.
Someone kwow the issue? Thanks

I’m having the same issue and it is very annoying. resize and location aren’t saved, so I end up with only one showing up and the top half is offscreen. EVERY time I open it.

On Windows this failure to remember things like trays is often linked with SketchUp not being installed properly…
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file [usually in your Downloads folder?].
Select its icon and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator
When prompted choose Repair…
After that’s done restart SketchUp and see if it’s improved !
Processing an installer’s exe by double-clicking its icon to ‘Run’ it is not the same thing, even if you are the admin ! It can result into unexpected issues, often with permissions…

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I’ve tried uninstalling, reinstalling, and running as administrator by running ‘repair’.
Contacted support, they replied to continue using the 2022 version.
I’ve had sketchup pro for many years, and 2023 is the first to have given this kind of problem. I’ve always installed them all the same way.

But thanks :slight_smile: